Friday, June 23, 2017

Few novel ideas about the doctors strike.

First of all, I will be honest and state my standing. I will personally choose and take the side of a professional any day anywhere over a politician! Remaining (without migrating to rich countries) top professionals like doctors, engineers, scientists, lecturers etc are a huge asset to the country. You don't even have to be a top skilled professional to be an asset to rest of the society. Teachers, policeman, military, nurses they too are indispensable professionals we all need.

We all know what politicians (of all color) do in this country and has done to this country. None of us will miss them and none of them is indispensable. So again, if the fight is between working professionals and ripping off politicians, I will take the side of people who put up actual work and contribute, on any day!

As usual, on the SAITM issue as well, politicians of all color were not honest and transparent from the start. Private paid education is a need in the country, that must be there and we will have to get over that fact someday somehow and sooner the better. However, the way politicians were pushing their agenda was dishonest and corrupt. This post is not about SAITM though. So we will turn back to the strike issue.

As far as hearts and minds go, doctors are loosing the battle I think. This was summarised nicely by one of my friends who is a doctor himself, infact a professor as well who is teaching medical students. He said only the poor people get affected by the doctors strike. Rich would anyway go to private hospitals and dispensaries.

It is true, poor people who has to wait on long queues and could even risk their lives and lives of their loved ones need our attention. Lets quantify a bit. This "poor people" mentioned here is actually more than 80% of the population! These people have power only in an election, in all other times these are not the influential people with their own say or people who can change the decision making processes and make their voices heard. Hurting these people and loose their love, comradeship and blessings is not a positive thing at all for the doctors cause, to say the least.

So how to do a better strike and make an effective statement ? It was my wife who suggested this to me first... and it really sound neat! "Work in the general public hospital, give your best to the people and strike in all private hospitals and dispensaries. Do not engage in private practices during the strike"

Idea sounds fascinating! it has following advantages.

1) No one will be able to accuse doctors of being selfish and immoral. Right now, even when there is a strike in the public hospitals doctors do engage in private practices and do work in private hospitals, this does not look good in the eyes of general public. This could also be used by the state media against doctors.

2) Rich and influential people will get affected by the strike. It is more likely to direct towards a solution than hurting people who are powerless and have no say.

3) Support of the general public would be on the side of doctors!

4) Would be a good PR move and can get media and others talking about this in positive light. It is also good for a change!

5) All politicians, their relatives and supporters go to private hospitals!

Open for discussion for all. What do you think ?