Sunday, February 27, 2011

Let us help him win his life back!

Life is unpredictable and fragile. What happens today to other can happen to us tomorrow....

Let's help this guy (Ilandaariya) to win his life back.

Note : I just measured how long it actually took for me to get into the BOC branch on my way to office, contribute a small amount (it wouldn't have taken a longer time even if it was a bigger amount :-) ), and just continue to office. It took me only 10 minutes!

Most of the time when we think of doing a good deed, either 3 things (at least) influence us negatively.

1) lack of trust on the genuineness of the story.
This is definitely a non issue in here. Almost all in the blogging community in the country knows about him and there is absolutely no doubt about the authenticity.

2) lack of money to contribute in a meaningful way
Again, it is not only you and me alone, so many people are contributing. Whatever amount we can spare will definitely help to make an impact.

3) lack of time to invest on it since our daily routines are almost packed.
As I just measured, it took me only 10 extra minutes!! It might be slightly different in your case, yet... that's the magnitude of it. It is certainly not something which takes an hour even!