Thursday, November 18, 2010

Value of Miracles

A little but true (as recorded) story...

Once Lord Buddha had to cross a river on his way to some place. As usual he was traveling with Ananda, whom is mentioned as possessing an amazing memory and later helped to document and store every single thing which he witnessed while being with Buddha.

Now, on this particular day, Buddha was waiting peacefully on the river bank for the ferry to arrive. Ananda too was waiting very respectfully and attentively to his teacher as he was used to for many years. For our luck, (to satisfy our need for a story) at this otherwise boring time, a series looking person with a long beard and long hair turned up at the river bank. He had the air of a holy man who possessed many mental skills and the ability to perform few miracles of his own.

The holy man paid little or no attention to the Buddha or Ananda, more interestingly, not much even to the river! for he started performing one of his favorite skills then and there and proceed to promptly walk across on the surface of the water! Soon he reached the opposite bank and walked away. Buddha with his limitless wisdom and compassion, stood calm, happy and peaceful with himself as he always was. Ananda (who was not yet an Arahath), however was little bit taken aback.... To think that the great lord Buddha who is second to none on mental prowess was made to look like a child in front of many people was bit too much for him.

Buddha still silent, calm, unmoved. Ananda has even started to look apologetically at the people around him. (for failing to entertain them as much as the holy man did) Finally the ferry arrived and all got the the other bank. Ananda was relieved that they are finally alone and away from on lookers.

Buddha spoke first, "is something bothers you Ananda ?"
"Yes Sire", came the brisk reply. "Couldn't we have done the same.. I mean err, without waiting for the ferry like the holy man did ?"

Buddha had a pleasant smile, one coming from a limitless compassion and wisdom. Even Ananda was made to feel at ease.

"Ananda, What was the fare you paid to the ferry man ?"
"Oh my lord, just 2c... regular fare."
"Aha Ananda.... so you now know the exact value of that skill" !!