Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Wonderings on UFOs and a theory on conspiracy theories

UFOs are a favorite subject for many, and a hot topic for some. Rather Disappointingly, I don't have anything new to add onto UFO sightings or theories. So, don't blame me if you end up leaving here disappointed! (always safe to keep expectation low!)

Yet, there was a time I wondered on following channels of thoughts....

Assume (just for a minute, don't get carried away!) that UFOs actually are real and there are indeed extra terrestrial beings more intelligent than us, watching on us everyday. Now, if we do believe that (again, only for a moment, imagine just for the argument's sake), we will ultimately have to deduce that there is a conspiracy by governments and higher authorities to cover up that 'fact'.

That is, either all those stories about UFO sightings are just hoaxes and/or misguided beliefs, illusions. Or at least some of them are real (if just one story is real then that will do for the pro UFO camp!) in this case, since no government, air force, NASA, etc admits such an event, a pro UFO enthusiast will eventually have to also believe in a combined government conspiracy to hide the 'truth' from public. Otherwise it will simply be impossible to explain how US/Russian/Sri Lankan government, NASA, air forces in the world can not see what many people have seen. I hope I'm clear this far.

Now, I don't belong in any of those camps. Personally I'm just open on this subject like many of you who read this. When we don't have good enough facts or knowledge on something, sometimes it is best to just stay shut up! However, like mentioned before, I did have this crazy way of reasoning once. Just assume (for the arguments sake only) that UFOs are real and then wonder why should a government and/or some other body should try to conceal that knowledge from general public. Most common answers would be to prevent a mass panic, use that knowledge and technology as a weapon, to keep a competitive technological advantage over other nations etc, But I came up something far more interesting to ponder upon! something little bit more controversial yet sounds logical at the same time!

If you are not bored already, you are now in a position to click below and read that old article I have written on that point. If there is a conspiracy to cover up UFOs what is it and why such a conspiracy is necessary ? Now, this doesn't mean UFOs do exist or there is a conspiracy to cover them up or anything like that! This is just a train of certain thoughts. Also, it doesn't reflect any prejudice towards any religion. In fact, the article also tries to understand if there are certain set of believes which can influence a person to believe in extra terrestrial.

In fact, what I present here is not even a personal opinion. Just publishing a certain thought because I haven't heard from anywhere else before and found it as interesting (at least in a conceptual and an intellectual way)

Of all the posts I have written back then, this short old post was the one which got red most and triggered most conversations/arguments at the time. You are welcome to share your thoughts on this as well...

Alright, now that I believe I have taken adequate security measures, over to the wonderful world of conspiracy theories on UFOs.....