Thursday, April 07, 2011

Quote of the Day!

Starting from today, there will be a new feature in this blog, "quote of the day".

Few reasons for giving out a famous quote everyday (not all are equally noble:-))

1) A good quote is like a good image. It conveys a message quickly across and powerfully.

2) Quotes are short and easy to read hence, tend to stay in memory.

3) Because a quote has to be short, creators have to pack a big idea into as fewer words as possible. In this sense they are like high powered medicine. Concentrated juice if you like! Maximum benefit for the readers for the amount of time spent on reading them!

4) A good quote can make us feel good and gives an opportunity to learn something or to experience a new way of thinking.

and some of less noble goals are :

5) Quotes are easier to find from net, no shortage at all!

6) It takes only a little time to type a quote and and link to it's source, could be handy on busy days where there is not enough time to make a new post yet want to keep the blog updated as well.


PS : got a better idea! each day, when I remove the last days quote, I will append it on a dedicated quotes page in Daily Quotes. This way, there will be a quote page that is growing daily! people who miss the daily quote can always find them there! What's more you all can chip in with your own favorite quotes and share them with others via comments. When I see a good one, I will move them to the Daily Quotes page from your comments.

Similarly, I will do the same for images here in Daily Images.