Sunday, September 06, 2009

A theory on the conspiracy theories on UFO's

Well, actually the content of this article may not be as sexy as the title suggest.

Just wanted to say few things on one fascinating observation. First of all, let me say that I'm not an obsessed UFO fan or someone who believes there are aliens before actually seeing one. I also do not belongs to the opposite group. Ok, here we go :

There are so many conspiracy theories on governments (mainly the US government) trying to cover up evidence on aliens, or trying to make us believe that there are no UFO etc. Now, UFO fans are taking these theories pretty seriously while others are well... ridiculing them. I belong to non of these categories, yet there are many valid reasons as to why a government may actually try to cover up stories (or 'evidence' as the say) on aliens and UFOs if they exist!

Now, don't get carried away! just because someone having a good reason to not like the idea of public believing in something does not mean that thing actually exist (or do not exist for that matter). Still, this is quite interesting.........

Think about the religion. There are loads on this earth. Let's take 3 main ones. Christianity, Islam and Judaism. (In alphabetical order and apologies for Hindus, Buddhists and Flying Spaghetti Monster followers etc) Now, all main 3 has one thing in common : yea you guessed it right, The God. He is omnipotent, the one and only one and the creator of everything. Also, he has created this universe, our earth and (this is little important in here) made the man out of his own image. On the other hand there are atheists who believe that there is no God.

Again, it is not the intention of this article to discuss about the religion or to make sides. Like mentioned earlier, just pointing out an observation which I find as fascinating....

Now, let's just imagine for a second that UFO, aliens and little green (or any other color) 'men' actually do exist! This will have some series implications for most of religions wouldn't it? How can we suddenly face up with the prospect of there is some other race (not human) which is far superior (from the simple fact that they found us before we found them) to us? After all we are supposed to be the preferred race created by god's own very image, and there can be only one almighty god as well! For the creationism in general, something like this has the potential to become the hardest hit after theory of evolution and/or the finding that the earth actually goes around the sun and not the other way around. Let's think about this scenario a bit... it (presence of another race superior to us) will shatter lot of things in our belief systems.

If the UFO's are true and aliens do exist... will the Vatican be eager to accept that fact? Will they like to see rest of the world believing that the aliens do exist? Most countries on earth have tight relations with religion as majority of people (specially politicians) are firm believers. So we should not be surprised to see US or some other government decide to silence things down even if there are evidence for the existence of aliens. Like it or not, organized religion do help towards controlling the masses and there by making things easier for the governments. Also, there are religious lobbyists with money....

Phew! lucky aliens have not appeared on TV yet!

Now, once again ... this of course does not constitute an evidence for the existence of the aliens. It is not even an argument for conspiracy theories, since it does not making the claim that governments are actually holding the truth. It only says that governments do have a good enough reason to cover up evidence 'if there are any'.

Come to think of it, there can also be reasons as to believing in the existence of aliens. Think of an atheist who like to prove (once and for all) that there is no god. Well, for such a cause, a little green man (has to be a little green creature in this case!) would be a nice gift indeed....

Are there any surveys or polls done to investigate the religious beliefs of UFO fans ? Or the beliefs of non UFO fans ? Can it be possible that there is a co-relation.....

what do you think ?


  1. 1.well, just because something is possible does not mean it is actually happening,
    For example US government is not blackmailing vatican with the threat of publishing their evidence?
    2.Muslims do not have an image for god- hence no statues.
    3.There were a lot of Jedi in the last UK census!!!

  2. fetalmedicinelk,

    Thanks for the comment. I have actually mentioned the same in the article.

    "Now, once again ... this of course does not constitute an evidence for the existence of the aliens. It is not even an argument for conspiracy theories, since it does not making the claim that governments are actually holding the truth. It only says that governments do have a good enough reason to cover up evidence 'if there are any'."

    What I was interested in or tried to point out was whether there is a co-relation between being religious and being a UFO fan. I suspect religious people generally tend not to believe in the existence of aliens. Wonder whether there are any surveys or polls done on that ?

    BTW, what do u mean by "3.There were a lot of Jedi in the last UK census!!!"

    also, number 2 I think is wrong. Even Christians do not have a statue for God for that matter what they have is for Jesus. Muslims don't have a statue for Mohamed. However, all 3 religions agree that the God has created man by his own shape. they tend to differ only later and particularly on the subject of validity of prophets.

  3. Well, the Vatican already stated that other life forms may be out there and it's ok the believe in them. Do a google search for "pope says aliens are ok".

    Anyways, to answer your question, yeah, for some people it will be hard to deal with, especially the most devout believers, because they are usually the most closed minded ones.

    But for a lot of people, I can't see why it would be so hard to believe that God created the universe and all of space, so why wouldn't God create other worlds with life on those worlds too? Why would God create just humans? That is pretty egotistical to think we're alone. Also, let me tell you this, Aliens DO EXIST !!

  4. As an example, the Vatican has accepted the possibility of extraterrestrial life and shuffled it's ideology to accomodate it.

    I think disclosure or first contact would not affect us as negatively as we would think. Being human, the religious among us would probably try and find a means to fit this into their doctrine, as the Vatican has done.

    First and foremost, we would actually unite as a species. Suddenly, skin colour or religion won't be the greatest of divisions any more. It would be easier to see the human, more so than the race or creed or religion, knowing that there is something 'other' than us.

    I think the reason for a Government in withholding information from us has more to do with keeping themselves in power.

    For example -

    1. If energy systems exist to allow something to travel so great a distance, why can't we utilise that on earth? Their existence would open a pandora's box of energy systems.

    Vastly efficient systems would be proven to exist, casting doubt aside in the renewable energy debate and effectively ending the need for fossil fuels. That would leave alot of big business out of pocket.

    More to the point, the public would start asking how long we've known about that technology.

    2. If there are ET's visiting us, who will be our representative? We would need a more equal representation of the world - not just our economic and military super powers.

    3. If we are united as a species, it will be harder to sell the public a war. Keep in mind, the only people who profit from war are those making the weapons, and the government.

  5. Anonymous9:39 PM

    All of you have very interesting comments......
    we have done space exploration and know that they are no planets near earth with INTELLIGENT LIFE FORMS (this is a fact)

    so if intelligent life form is their,definitely they are technologically advance than come from deep space......

    so what i think is ...
    if so, such intelligent aliens would not just come put a light and go or kidnap people ...
    what i thinks the will sent satellites and robots and then the will come ....
    so they just want come and met one country or land on one country .....

    they will(Definitely) come and meet us (whole world)....

    my answer to the question
    -- Are their real living things in space ?
    (According to maths)YES, their are millions of suns like ours in space so their is high possibly that living things might be their ...

    --Are their Intelligent living things like humans?
    SAME answer HERE ..... AND the possibilities are high for that too...

    WE might not be luck to meet aliens but our future generations might be luck enough to get a radio message or video or even meet them.....
    Thanks for the interesting topic ...

  6. Anonymous : Tx for the comment. I'm not trying to imply there are aliens. However, If they have visited us, then they have to be lot more intelligent and advanced than us as u said. Now, there is a simple answer for the common question of why they waste time to come here and not talk to us ?

    Imagine we come across a primitive life form on a forest. Lets sa a pack of gorillas. we would try to take photos of them, study them etc but without harming them or without letting them know that we are observing them, because then they will panic and we won't be able to observe them normally. Also, we wouldn't try to communicate with them because we are cock sure that there is nothing we can learn from them and we already know lot about them. (rest we can know by quietly observing them).

    Therefore, if we put ourselves in an intelligent alien's shoes (or some other part of their garment), he wouldn't necessarily try to communicate with a species(us) which has a reputation for violence, panic and not that intelligent enough to gain anything new by communication.

    No wonder they don't try to communicate with us!

    jokes, apart, if they are really very advanced than us, then there will be little reason for them to talk to us because they may know enough of us already (and the rest they will know by quietly observing us)

  7. Sniggs and Robert : Thanks a lot for your comments. I agree with your thoughts. Yea, Vatican has done well to accept and cover that possibility! What about evangelic and other sects in Christianity ? and about Islam and Judaism ?

    problem is not the notion that the god created everything. Problem is to say that he has created man in his own image and implications to the effect that the humans are the preferred species.... that's the notion which is going to have a problem if ever an advanced life form encountered us.


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