Friday, April 08, 2011

Interactive blogging !

In the coming days, I will be putting bit more time into my other two blogs. AI Game Development and Software in General.

However, I am certainly not planning to leave this blog unattended! In fact, I'm preparing for my next post... In a totally different manner ! Like to know ?

This is an experiment!

Before writing the article, I'm going to announce the topic and give 1-2 days for our readers to comment on it. Those who know me can call/email/chat with me and give me their thoughts like they have done in last few weeks, however, commenting them on here would be even better! That way there will be discussions/arguments and I will do my best to take essence from all valid points and accomadate them in the post!

Have you heard those funny Cinema experiments to provide interactive movies ? Well, this would be not that exciting, but certainly will add a new dimension to traditional blog posting. It should be possible for letting readers to take a more active role in blogging than this, right ? Taking reader's ideas BEFORE A POSTING can also lead to interesting outcomes!

What do you think ?

Let's see...

OK, Next post I'm going to write is about "Why people leaving us?"

No, it's not about broken hearts / relationship breaks or anything like that!

What I mean is why good educated professionals are leaving Sri Lanka? Is it because of selfishness or is it because Sri Lanka is really not a good place to live ? or bit of both, or something entirely different ?

More importantly, what can we do to keep our good friends in here ? Can we turn this tide on it's head ? Should we try to do it in the first place ...... So many questions!

Keep your thoughts/suggestions/questions/answers coming.....

This is going to be exciting!

Stay Tuned ................