Thursday, September 17, 2009


It's raining hard (as in tropics) and dark outside. What a show of force the rain is... It makes one feel so humble against the power of nature, yet at the same time it make one feel full of awe and respect towards it.

All your plans, schedules, are forced to get re arranged. Like our ancestors we too have to submit to the nature and allow it to go along it's wonderful ways. For a moment we become (or rather forced to) just an observer of this amazing display.

The wind is constantly blowing hard and you can hear the rustle of trees only to be interrupted time to time by a gigantic thunder. Suddenly there is light in the middle of the night! but only for a short fleeting moment of time. Once again the regular noise of the downpour against the roof and the wind against the trees take over. Despite it's magnitude and the monotone, what a enjoyable moment! Sometimes it feels so good just to surrender and observe the mighty nature.....

How small are we really when pitted against this... slowly the rain changes our mental mood as well. One instinctively get an inkling to cuddle under a sheet and to be on a comfortable bed. Just how lovely it would be to sleep right now... Inside the house it is dry yet there is overall mental feeling of wetness. Or can we actually feel a mist ? tiny little water drops somehow finding their way inside mixing with the air ? It's chilly. cold and lonely. Even if there are people around, it is as if you are alone with your self. Rain is doing all the communications. Only it does the talking, all other sounds are insignificant...

Once one get accustomed to the music of the rain, one identifies components within it. Water smashing onto the roof tirelessly, water then dropping down from the roof, flowing on the ground as it forming into little springs.. The wind howling into the dark night. Trees swaying around, rustling it's branches and leaves... Whole world has stop it's activities and had given way to the rain to have it's say. For now, it has total domination of every thing.

One eventually get reminded of similar past experiences hidden in the forest of past time.. Everybody has at least one clear memory either in childhood or in adolescence on rain. About a particular time one was as helpless as now and being reduced to an observer in front of the rain. Yet, once one totally surrenders to it and after stopping fighting against it, the experience become almost a pleasure. Relaxing and listening to the chore and its symphonies... How the wind, trees and water get their act together and become parts of one integral act.

Its a gift! nothing less, how fortunate are we to have an event like this visiting us once in a while to remind us of our littleness in the vast nature.

The rain in a cold damp night!