Monday, April 18, 2011

Progress (or otherwise?)

As often, progress happens gradually. However, when it happens it can sometimes be in unexpected fields, in unexpected ways at unexpected times!

Even though I have started this blog long ago, for one reason or the other, it never got enough attention it deserved. I always wanted to do a good blog for computer software and programming. Since I started that blog last month, I thought this blog will get even lesser attention and die down soon. How wrong was I!

Despite my best efforts, some articles kept coming for this blog and it seemed like I was wondering about few bit of extra things than I was aware of myself. Since the start of the programming/gaming blog, it was this wondering blog that have actually performed for some unknown reason!

In the last 20 days or so, this has recorded more than 3000 hits, more than 1000 new readers in more than 60 different countries... I know most of those visitors may have just stumbled upon an article and may never come back and most of those hits can be (very well be) just page hits and those pages might not have been red even.  Still..... it is not bad going for just 20 days. Specially for a blog which was supposed to die! And somehow I have ended up writing 15 - 20 posts, again, despite my best efforts to do otherwise!

There were few mysteries as well, one is our readers seem to be mostly foreigners, only 30-35% are form Sri Lanka. Again this too has come despite my best efforts to write more in Sri Lankan context! Also, this goes against the trend in other lankan blogs I have seen, where the heavy majority readers are from sri lanka. I don't know whether this is a good thing or a bad thing...

So, to make it bit more interesting I changed the blog heading for a start! Thos who have actually seen the previous blog title would know how ugly it really looked like. Well, current one may not be great either but at least it says what this blog trying to be. :-)

Right now, I'm in cross roads as to continue this blog further or to put myself more into the other blog. I will certainly try to keep this one alive as I liked the way things have gone in last 3 weeks. Or may be I should let it "die a natural death" like I did in last 3 week, if I want to see the blog succeeding! For it certainly seem to do better when I try to look away! May be I should let the other blog die down... :-) Now, that can be a good thought...

A special thank for all those who have visited, given me encouragement, comments, feedback and shared their thoughts with me during this time. That experiment about interactive blogging comes to mind, I still owe you a post there!

After my disastrous result in prediction business and the way things have gone with this blog recently, I dare not say anything about future.

We will see what tomorrow will bring... Or as was mentioned in the famous movie Cast Away, "who knows what the next tide will bring ?"