Thursday, March 31, 2011

Image of the day!

We are going to introduce a new feature to this blog. Every day there will be an image, which will be special in some way.

How do we define "special" ?

What is the selection criteria for the "Image of the day" ?

Well... for the time being we will decide all that ourselves and like true dictators in a democratic world, will pick whatever WE choose and thrust it on others :-)

Jokes apart, if you have a good image you can send us the url via a comment to the "Image of the day" post. If we like it, (or if we like you) we will pick it as the image for the next day. Who knows.. if this turns out to be interesting we could have a poll one day to select the best image of the day! (like true democrats in a dictatorial world)

Just make sure you don't send offensive stuff and to mention the source if it belongs to someone else! That's it. No more rules!

URL (source I got it from) for todays image :